Trading is neither gambling nor getting rich quickly. It is a legitimate business that requires a lot of learning, diligent preparation, dedicated coaching and hard work. I am often amused with the way people think. To be successful in whatever career we require to have so many years of education. How can then we directly trade well and successfully right after reading trading books or attending trading seminars expecting?

Trading is a journey that needs a coach or a mentor so that we can walk on the right path. Finding the right coach is also a challenge. Having the wrong coach is not only making us lost money but most of all losing our confidence on our ability to trade well.

Here are some guidelines to select the right mentor or coach:

         - Expertise

         - Experience and track record

         - Communication skills

         - Character

         - Passion

You cannot just listen to that person but you also need to investigate about that person. Seek information online and interview his or her formal students. Take time to learn about that person before spending money, time and effort following him or her.

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