Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting this site. I don’t know where you are in your life journey but I believe you will need hope, love or faith if not all of those. Life is a journey in which we face challenges along the way. Sometimes our journey brings us to the dark places that the only way to come out as winners is to have hope... there is light at the end of the tunnel. Our hope brings us to believe that no matter how painful the experience is, we are not alone. Our Creator is there to guide and comfort us in times of need.

No matter how successful we are, our lives will be so lonely if we have no one to share it with. The most painful and pleasurable event is found in relationships. Love is not feeling but action of giving up oneself for the goods of others. It is not an easy thing to do; that’s why our journey gives us plenty of opportunities to test, confirm and grow our love.

The word faith stands to the person we place in – faith in who? Is it yourself, others or God? If you live long enough, you will discover that faith in ourselves and others have certain limit and it will disappoint us in one way or another. The only certainty we have is when we place our faith in God.

Living with hope, love and faith is equipping us to accomplish our purpose why we are placed in this planet for certain period. One day we’ll leave this planet. How do we finish the race? Finishing well should become our goal.


Tessie Setiabudi